Quality Assurance Policies

Quality Assurance Policies

Quality is a very broad and generic concept and forms an integral part to any business that delivers a product or service. In general, quality is an expectation for anyone transacting in the trade of goods or services for money. Customers demand the confidence and assurance that the product or service will meet their expectations and perform properly.

For this reason, quality should be the backbone of every business, as quality creates reputation, word of mouth and repeat business. Without quality, it is extremely difficult to build a successful company, therefore quality management requires a high level of focus in every business.

Our quality assurance policies have been established to ensure continual improvement in all areas of our business and ensure we achieve our goal of meeting or exceeding the expectations of our customers.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not act but a habit” – aristotle

Quality Policy

Our commitment to continual improvement throughout our business. Defined by our company objectives and values.

Confidentiality Policy

These principles must be observed by all staff that work at Clere and have access to identifiable and confidential information.

Environmental Policy

Our commitment to the laws, and regulations concerning global environmental issues and our impact upon the environment.