Potential Customers

Potential Customers

If you are a “one-man-band”, small-medium sized enterprise, or a large multi-national and global company, Clere Distribution has the ability to meet your needs. As with the many customers who have already found success through working with Clere, we are flexible enough to cater for the needs of the small volume user, whilst geared to provide the support expected on worldwide manufacturing contracts.

Our ethos is simple, yet is all too often overlooked by the larger electronic component distributors. We focus on the technical support required at the design-in stage of your project, by listening the needs of our customer to identify a viable solution that can be delivered on time and at the most competitive cost.

Our Service

With over 40 years of experience in supplying the electronics industry throughout the UK and Europe, we offer our customers a fast, friendly, efficient and professional service. 

Technical Support

Our focus is on providing technical design-in support on all products within our portfolio, to guide our customers through all design aspects of product development.

Production Planning

To assist with production planning, we use accurate forecasting to provide on-time deliveries against leadtime, or hold buffer stocks against negotiated contracts for sudden increases in demand. 

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