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About us

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Clere is a technically focused distributor concentrating mainly on the design-in of value added electronics components, modules and systems. Our diverse product portfolio means we are active in a wide variety of applications and markets within the electronics industry. Our continued success relies on our flexibility in offering extensive customer support on standard products for fast time to market and for cost effective customised solutions for high volume or customer specific project applications.

Our services do not stop after a product is designed in – this is simply the beginning of the business relationship between our supplier and customer. We maintain a first-class level of support throughout the project lifetime, providing technical assistance where needed, working with our suppliers to ensure the customer receives the best support on their product range.

Company History

The Clere group of companies was first established by John Clarke, when he formed Clere Electronics in November 1978. Over the years, there have been many changes to the organisation, including the formation of sister companies Clere Electronic Components, Clere Electronic Agents, Clere Electronic Displays and Presto Electronics.

Clere Distribution continues the ethos of the Clere group. To source electronics from leading technology manufacturers and provide excellent quality of product, service and support to our customers.

John Clarke is now retired, however the legacy of the Clere group, under the control of his two sons, Paul and Martin, continues that hard work and dedication from John all those years ago.

Over 40 Years Experience in supplying Electronics

Clere is a privately owned company, allowing us to be very flexible in the way that we operate. We have established ourselves as a specialist agent and distributor of electronic products with emphasis on value added, low cost and high quality components, modules and systems.

By maintaining full control over the direction of the company, we can respond quickly to changes in market, customer and supplier demand and we firmly believe our success is attributed to this flexibility.


Through identification of business opportunities for new technologies in emerging markets at an early stage, we introduce new suppliers where possible. This preparation allows us to fulfil customer requirements by immediately demonstrating the technical, performance and cost benefits the moment they are ready to migrate to newer technologies in their development of new projects and applications.

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We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality of product and service they expect. Find out how we can help to support your business and what services Clere can offer to you.

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We can access an ever growing customer base and have over 30 years of experience in supplying the UK and European electronics industry.
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