FPC-BM Biometric Module Development Kit
The FPC-EMD Embedded Module Development kit is used for evaluation and development of the FPC-BM biometric module. It includes all hardware and software needed to get started. Just connect the development board to a PC and use the accompanying FPC Serial Com Windows demonstration software to fully evaluate the mounted FPC-BM and connected fingerprint sensor. It is possible to upload/download templates as well as analyze fingerprint images. The SerialCom software performs all commands available in the module. Reference code is supplied for FPC SerialCom for full integration and to minimize time-to-market.

Hardware Included
  • Development Board with FPC-BM mounted
  • FPC1011F3 area sensor or FPC1020AM touch sensor
  • Ergonomic housing for sensor
  • USB memory stick containing documentation and software
  • Micro-USB cable
Software Included
  • FPC SerialCom: Windows-demonstration software
  • 32-bit or 64-bit drivers

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Part Number



FPC-BM1011 Biometric Module Development Kit
FPC-BM1020 Biometric Module Development Kit


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