SENSeOR design and manufacture Surface Acoustic Waves devices and have over 20 years of experience in offering advanced temperature, pressure and strain SAW sensors for the most demanding measurement applications.

SENSeOR aims to be your ideal partner, offering leading engineering services, strong IP on SAW technology, and field-proven innovative sensing solutions. From standard components to customized solutions, SENSeOR offer the most advanced sensing solutions from dedicated SAW technology experts.

SENSeOR have the following brochures that provide an overview of their technology :-

Wireless Passive Temperature Monitoring Systems for AIS Switchgears
  • Continuous Real Time Monitoring
  • Remote and Local alarms
  • Condition-based Maintenance
  • Avoided Losses / Better Efficiency
  • Load and Overload Management

Real Time Remote Monitoring For Electrical Equipment
  • Wireless Battery-less SAW Sensors
  • Maintenance-free, Robust, Dielectrically Safe
  • Advanced Monitoring for Smart Grids and Smart Factories
  • Precise Real Time Condition Monitoring
  • Applications include Power Generation, Flexible Terminals, Switchgears, Circuit Breakers, Rectifiers, Disconnect Switches and Transformers