It is the policy of Clere to provide its Customers with electronic components of quality, reliability, cost and service standards that meet or exceed their expectations. This is supported by a fully documented Management System, the effectiveness of which is continually reviewed so as to ensure continuing improvement.

We ensure that we meet all agreed Customer requirements, as well as applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice.

All staff are aware of the Company’s commitment to meeting requirements and are required to adhere to our policies and procedures at all times.

We conduct regular Management Review Meetings which are held on an annual basis and ensure that all staff are aware and fully trained in all relevant aspects of this system.

We seek to continually improve our Quality Management System, so as to enhance the service provided to our customers.

We set and review our policy, objectives and targets during our Management Reviews and amend and improve them where applicable so as to ensure that they continue to remain suitable, appropriate to our operations, our customer’s expectations and relevant legislation and codes of practice.

It is mandatory that every member of staff must be familiar with, and competent to, carry out the procedures and practices which are applicable to their area of work. All members of staff are trained in the meaning and implications of this policy during the induction process and retrained whenever this policy is amended.

This Policy is communicated to members of the public upon request.