Custom ASIC Development – The Process

The Custom Silicon Solutions ASIC Development Process provides a proven roadmap for your Product Development.


Application Review

  • Review of your system requirements
  • Establish ASIC requirements

ASIC Quotation

  • Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE)
  • Estimated Unit Price (in Production)
  • Development Schedule

Preliminary Design Review

  • Review Block Diagram
  • Establish Specification
  • Establish Packaging Requirements
  • Establish Test Requirements
  • Review Schedule
  • Establish target Die Size
  • Establish Fabrication Process

Initial Design & Layout

  • Complete Critical Circuits design
  • Complete preliminary ASIC Floor Plan
  • Complete Built-In Test features

Critical Design Review

  • Review Critical Circuit performance
  • Report physical layout status

Final Design & Layout

  • Complete Cell Level designs
  • Complete Top Level design
  • Simulate over temperature and voltage
  • Complete Design Rule Checks (DRC’s)
  • Complete Layout Vs. Schematic (LVS)
  • Prepare Test Plans

Final Design Review

  • Review Simulations
  • Review Test Plans
  • Review Physical Layout
  • Proceed to Fabrication

Prototype Fabrication

  • Mask Fabrication
  • Silicon Fabrication

Test Program Development

  • Prototype Test Program
  • Preliminary Production Test Program

Prototype Evaluation

  • CSS tests Prototype at wafer probe
  • CSS tests Prototype in package
  • Customer evaluates Prototype

Prototype Acceptance Review

  • ASIC performance versus Specification
  • Reliability Testing Review
  • Yield Analysis Review
  • Proceed to Production