Custom Silicon Solutions – Semiconductor Products

Custom Silicon Solutions offer standard mixed signal integrated circuits including programmable micro-power 555 timer ICs, custom mixed signal ASIC solutions, ASIC consultation and Intellectual Property products.

Standard Mixed Signal ICs

Information on the Custom Silicon Solutions standard mixed signal IC range of Programmable micro-power 555 timer ICs.

Mixed Signal ASICs

A selection of mixed signal ASICs from Custom Silicon Solutions including Automotive ASICs, Industrial ASICs, Medical ASICs, Security ASICs and Sensor ASICs.

ASIC Services

Information on the range of mixed signal consulting services offered by Custom Silicon Solutions, including their extensive IP library, along with ASIC design and production services.

Intellectual Property

Custom Silicon Solutions offer a full range of memory Intellectual Property (IP), including EEPROM, SRAM and ROM. These macro cells can be easily re-configured to fit the exact memory size required for customer applications.