DRL Series Radial Type EDLCs

DRL Series

Radial Type Electric Double Layer Capacitors
EDLCs can hold millions of times more capacitance than standard capacitors and they are considered the future of green energy storage. Depending on the capacitance, EDLCs can be applied to a wide variety of applications.

Key Features
  • Radial type terminals
  • Small Size
  • High Capacity
  • Low ESR
  • -25°C to +65°C Temperature Range
  • 2.3V Operating Voltage
  • 10.0F to 120.0F
  • -20% to +40% Capacitance Tolerance (@25°C)


  • Motor Drives (Quick Discharge)
  • Solar Energy products
  • Digital Video / Black Box Recorders




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Part Number



2.3V, 10.0F, ≤0.16Ω ESR @1kHz, 10.0mmΦ x 20.0mm, 5.0mm pin pitch
2.3V, 22.0F, ≤0.08Ω ESR @1kHz, 10.0mmΦ x 30.0mm, 5.0mm pin pitch
2.3V, 30.0F, ≤0.06Ω ESR @1kHz, 12.5mmΦ x 25.0mm, 5.0mm pin pitch
2.3V, 50.0F, ≤0.04Ω ESR @1kHz, 16.0mmΦ x 25.0mm, 7.5mm pin pitch
2.3V, 70.0F, ≤0.03Ω ESR @1kHz, 16.0mmΦ x 35.0mm, 7.5mm pin pitch
2.3V, 120.0F, ≤0.025Ω ESR @1kHz, 18.0mmΦ x 40.0mm, 7.5mm pin pitch


Radial Type
Radial Type
Radial Type
Radial Type
Radial Type
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