MultiDimension Technology (MDT) specialises in high-performance, low cost Tunnelling Magneto Resistive (TMR) magnetic sensors. The first generation products include Switch, Linear, Angle and Gear Tooth (Gradiometer) sensors, however MDT is continuously developing new products. By integrating ASICs and TMR sensors, MDT have also developed solutions to optimize the performance of their products.

A Vehicle Detection Module has taken the Intelligent Transportation System to new levels by sensing traffic flow; cars are intrinsically easer to control by automatically sensing and controlling the movement of the vehicle; Industrial equipment and machines perform their functions without human intervention; Mobile phones have built-in intelligence so they can respond to hand gestures and position, simplifying the user interface.

MDT is unique in the world because the develop breakthrough magnetic sensors based on the most advanced magnetic sensor technologies, and provide their advanced sensing technology at low cost. They are committed to providing the highest performance magnetic sensors and application solutions at the lowest cost possible. Their broad range of products targets diverse market segments, including medical, industrial, automotive, and aerospace. Because MDT provide both sensors and sensor modules, they extensive knowledge in sensor module manufacturing and design, and this makes them especially qualified to provide customers with optimal sensor solutions, application support, and innovative algorithms for their applications.