INPAQ Technology is a global leader in circuit protection components and antenna products for the computing, communication, consumer electronics and automotive electronic markets. INPAQ offers a complete line of circuit protection, EMI/EMC solutions, power solutions and RF antenna products that are all designed to make electronic products work smoothly and effectively. With cutting edge technology, INPAQ has hundreds of intellectual properties, many having been registered.

Developing new technologies is one of Inpaq’s core competencies. With continuous investments in R&D for new products, Inpaq is well prepared to meet customer’s future needs. Their proven record of innovation has contributed to the success of their customers and through their expertise and experience in material science, process technology and automation, Inpaq has the capability to respond quickly to changing markets. Inpaq supports their customers with four laboratories in Taiwan and China, with Sales and FAE support in Taiwan, China, Korea and North America.