Hendon Semiconductors designs and manufactures integrated circuits, thick film hybrids and printed circuit board module assemblies. Providing a range of engineering support services to assist with the integration of ICs and to optimise end product capabilities, Hendon Semiconductors provide reference designs and ancillary test and calibration solutions.

Design experience covers a wide range of techniques and applications including mains control and switching, low voltage low power consumption, LED driver circuits, data interface of two wire bus systems, temperature control of mains heating elements, telecoms line products and mains timing and drive.

Hendon Semiconductors are a ‘fabless’ semiconductor company with the silicon wafer fabrication, wire bonding and encapsulation processes provided by a number of technology partners throughout Asia. Products service the Automotive and Medical industries and are also used in commercial and domestic appliances, including kettles, irons, hair dryers and frying pans.