AI-Tek Instruments

Speed sensors, tachometersand accessories for protection, monitoring and control.

Bennic Components

Terminal cups, binding posts and crossover components for audio loudspeakers.

Canaan Semiconductor

RFICs, Sensor ICs, Timer ICs, Audio ICs, Power Management ICs and Discrete devices.

CS Bright

LED dot matrix displays and LED lamps.


Custom Silicon Solutions

Custom mixed signal ASIC technologies and standard PWM and timing ICs.

ECS Inc International

Crystals, oscillators, resonators and filters for frequency control and management.

Fingerprint Cards

Biometric touch, swipe and area sensors, modules, processors and algorithms.

Hendon Semiconductors

Bus buffers, relay contact protection, led drivers, mains phase and temperature control.


Hope Microelectronics

Digital sensors and RF components and modules.

IDEA Incorporated

LED segment displays, LED dot matrix displays and LED lamps and indicators.

Inpaq Technology

Active, Patch, Dipole, NFC and GPS antennas, circuit protection and EMI/EMC solutions.

Korchip Corporation

STARCAP range of Electric Double Layer Capacitors (EDLC).


MultiDimension Technology

Tunnelling magneto resistive switch, linear, angle and gear tooth sensors.


Temperature, Pressure and Strain Surface Acoustic Wave sensors.

STE kSolutions

Standard and custom RF modules and Ultra low power RF sensing solutions.